Renee McCharen

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Renee McCharen

A native Texan and UT Grad, Renee spent two decades helping small businesses grow and succeed from the ground up. During this time she sharpened her skills in business operations, sales management and customer service, but longed for a job that would harness her creativity as well. Renee was also an artist from childhood, always creating, making and designing with her hands. This longing led her to start her ventures in real estate - as a Realtor, an Interior Designer, real estate investor and homeowner.

Combining her passions and natural abilities, Renee enjoys helping others find just the right place to call home, and taking part in transforming spaces into beautifully crafted, inspiring and welcoming places. Renee's professionalism, attention to detail and loyalty combined with her ability to provide valuable input into the buying, selling and leasing process help to serve her clients with great care.

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Office Phone 512-213-0213
Cellphone 512-779-5893
Fax 888-643-9502

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