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Nick Gambone

I have learned a great deal from my decades in the service industry. Above all, customer service is always a priority, and with that comes attention to detail, communication, creativity, speed of service, and always keeping a positive attitude. Most Realtors can help you buy or sell a property, the difference with a service industry Realtor is the experience you have within the process. My goal isn't to tell you what I will do to get the job done. My goal is to listen to you, find out what you would like and cater an experience built around that.

Imagine going into a restaurant and the server tells you what you going to eat and then brings it to you. You will be full when all is said and done and it will be quick and easy, but will you enjoy the experience? Now imagine a more relatable experience where your server greets you, asks you about your dietary preferences and suggests some meals they think you would enjoy, and then gives you the chance to ask about all the other options on the menu. When the dish you ordered comes out they give a little explanation about it and ask if you need anything else, all the while with a genuine smile on their face. Why should buying, selling, or leasing real estate be any different?

Let me show you how a Service Industry Realtor can help you.

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Cellphone 512-998-9735

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