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Marcy Griffith

Although I’ll always be a small-town Ohio native, Austin has become my home over the last 10 years of living here. I received my Biology degree in 2006 and headed out to see the world. I moved to a few different cities, traveled a lot, and eventually landed in Austin in 2011 where I spent the next seven years working as a zookeeper, a job I will cherish forever.

Having also worked several years in the service industry, I always find myself drawn to a field where I can care for animals or people. Fortunately, so many of the skills I have learned along the way also translate into the real estate world.

My life relationships are very important to me. Being honest, genuine, and available to the people in my life has always been a priority, and my work here today is no exception. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to continue in what I love each day and to help others make Austin their home as well.

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