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Johanna Adkins

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Johanna Adkins

Johanna is a Native Austinite through and through. Growing up in Austin has given her a unique perspective & ability to speak to the development of old and new Austin and how it relates to our current market. There aren’t too many of them around! Over the years, she has experienced Austin’s mulit-faceted communities through living on the North, South, East & West sides of town. And through it all, she has not only witnessed, but also played key roles in the transformation of the City of Austin.

She thrives on facilitating introductions, providing inspiration, making investments, and doing it all in an innovative manner. She has a diverse background in the Creative Arts & Entrepreneurship but all under the umbrella of community development, Real Estate naturally became the next link merging these worlds.

Why hire Johanna? Professional, Personable, Savvy, Well-Connected & Committed. She will bring you under her wing and take care of you all the way through the process of buying, selling or leasing real estate. If she is challenged in a situation she will diligently find a solution. Serving you well is her passion. Learning her clients and introducing them to Austin is a byproduct of becoming associated with her.

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Office Phone 512-213-0213
Cellphone 512-363-7841
Fax 888-643-9502

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