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Jeff Kunz

Jeff Kunz is a lifelong Texan and wouldn’t have it any other way! He has long enjoyed many of the pleasures this state has to offer; Camping, Fishing, Music, and BBQ to name but a few.
Jeff comes from a 20 year background in the real estate information services industry. Starting on the ground floor and working his way into management in four short years, he attributes his success to a blue collar work ethic and commitment to excellence. Jeff transitioned into real estate seeking professional independence and a career that values relationships over dollars while still utilizing his professional skill set.
Jeff’s background in account services, sales, and management has proved as useful experience with all types of clients. Client satisfaction is the number one goal, so if you are in the market to buy, sell, invest or lease, Jeff is your go-to-guy. He will arrange a no-obligation meeting with you to talk about your real estate goals and see how he can be of service to you.

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Office Phone 512-213-0213
Cellphone 512-438-9728
Fax 888-643-9502

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