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BriTina Lymous-Cooper

Texan by Choice, Not Chance.
It was the experience of buying our first home that fueled an already burning fascination with real estate into a full-on passion and prompted me to become a licensed Real Estate Agent.
I remember how unprepared and unsupported we felt. There were so many questions and so many different answers. My driving goal is always, "If I can help one person, make this feel any less stressful, and maybe even fun, then my purpose is fulfilled."
As an agent, my goal is to help make the dream of homeownership a reality but also drawing from my previous experience in financial services, I also believe in the investment of homeownership as an invaluable tool, to build wealth and to help enrich the legacies of my client's families. I strive to give the best guidance and support I can, always being a resource, and providing information, throughout the process, leaving no question, no matter how big or small unanswered. Not an original Texan, a native of Louisiana and a proud Air Force brat with my dad serving 24 years, I know how important home is, and whether you born and raised in the same town, or transplanted by forces of nature, having a place to call your own, and people around you that truly love and support you, will help you handle anything.

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